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Orbitally re-arranged monoatomic elements - ormus


Ormus is predominantly platinum elements presented in a monoatomic state, which means it doesn't exchange electrons with anything else .. it is its own power source, perpetual chi, life. Ormus is found in all living things, fed to each of us through the food chain somewhere along the way in fruit, plants and meat sources. This life essence flows out of deep earth, usually through volcanic fissures and breaks in the earth that also commonly show up as spring waters where the Ormus pops gold nuggets like popcorn when exposed to specific light frequencies. The Ormus that doesn't 'pop' inevitably feeds everything else as it eventually seeps into the sea and forms coral deposits, epsom salts, sea salts, gold deposits etc.

For many civilizations humans have been manufacturing Ormus, and even today the industry is filled with modern day alchemists who create Ormus products from a variety of proven methods. Chemical burn, high speed extraction, electrifying platinum, magnetic traps are the most common protocols, each creating a slightly different product with ever so slightly different contraindications.

Moses called it Manna in the desert, and if you research his ormus adventure you will learn that his secret alchemic ingredient was 'woman's urine'

Look no further when attempting to find the infamous Philosophers Stone of legend. Was Jacob potentially accessing his own personal DMT to allow him to perceive the tree of life?

King Solomon had his magical alchemy of creating gold, and that same protocol is still available today for any who are willing to try their hand at it. I've personally made a genuine gold nugget from our Ormus, but the materials and tools required to do the job cost me so much up front (even with my own endless supply of Ormus) that there isn't any money in it, so I only did it once so I could say that I had, with witnesses of course.

The Ark of the covenant was said to have a jar of the white gold powder to protect the priests who followed the dosage protocols from the intense radioactive harm emanating off the four rods found in the Ark. These rods were so radioactive they would harm anyone who came close enough to touch them, and was likely was responsible for weakening the city walls of Jericho enough that an army enjoying a good foot stomping/ horn blowing race around the city 7 times would crumble the walls. Apparently, the cellular healing properties of Ormus allowed the priests to regenerate as quickly as they were damaged and their glowing 'lightbodies' protected them from most of the initial risk.

Merlin and those 12 knights is actually the fable of Ormus. King Arthur was taught by an alchemist how to extract a platinum metal substance from a rock that would gift him and those around him with extraordinary strength, insight and regenerative powers. When he threw the Excalibur in the lake, the previously existing Ormus became active so that the lady of the lake could endlessly reproduce the Excalibur. The 12 knights have something to do with the 12 families, 12 tribes, 12 DNA strands ... but that's another topic all together.

The Anninaki (alien species) were first attracted to our planet because of the Ormus it produced, and whilst creating slaves to harvest the Ormus (because space travellers have no muscle mass) they accidentally created a human that was metaphysically conscious. Then made another one. Those two beget-ed and made many more humans thus life was declared in accordance with scientific principles. A quick call out to the universe produced 12 diverse alien species that were willing to submit their genetic materials for participation in the 'human' experiment. 12 strands, 12 tribes, 12 families.

Our modern day civilization has called it Ormus, which is the acronym for Orbitally re-arranged monoatomic elements. They cant read the substance directly because they don't have the technology to read and interpret monoatomically, but there is LOTS of science that can and does read the influences that Ormus has on its environment. There is science out there that shows levitation, cell regeneration, plant growth and light body activation properties are merely a few of the reported phenomena.


yes its safe. Our product has been tested by numerous laboratories from around the world, and every one of them gave us detailed reports regarding what was in the samples we sent and was it fit for human consumption? I'm proud to say that our product surpassed any and all challenges .. its clean and safe.

no its not addictive. I first encountered Ormus many years ago when a client shared the product with me, explaining that they had been using it to help hard core drug users to get straight without the common harsh physical scenarios. Ive used a number of products personally for better than 3 decades, and I can easily say that hundreds of happy customers have re-ordered. Not because they HAD to but because they wanted to share their miracles with others.

Our only concern is in the instance of brain tumors. As the Ormus heals the body the scarred or damaged tissue will often become engorged while the cells heal and before they get reabsorbed back into the body. In the instance of a brain tumor, there isn't any room for the brain to enlarge and the patient should be carefully guided through the process under the care of a certified drainage practitioner.


no. Our product doesn't seem to be influenced negatively by cold, magnets, EMF or other environmental conditions that normally have a negative influence on standard Ormus products. We do put a sterile amethyst crystal in every bottle, programmed to keep the product energetically clean in storage, shipping and even between uses after purchase. We strongly believe that this makes a significant metaphysical difference in the energetic fortuitude of the OmMANNA product.


You will notice that at the bottom of almost every other product on the market there is a thick sludge like layer of 'milk of magnesium' or 'milk of calcium' that the pure white Ormus is mixed into. Ours contains only pure uncontaminated white Ormus so you actually see the difference before you experience it.


The human body has a tough time processing the white gold powder form of Ormus so we always recommend the liquid formula if you are using OmMANNA for personal use. There are a number of intriguing ways that the powder version of Ormus can be utilized, but we only sell the liquid version. Our product exclusively contains 100% from our Ormus source as we don't/ won't dilute or contaminate with any external water sources ... so you can always count on receiving pure OmMANNA exactly as we harvested it, exactly as nature intended.

Ingesting one drop per day under the tongue, adding it to a beverage or spraying topically are our two preferred recommended methods of receiving your dosage. Some clients prefer a night time dosage to empower their sleep cycles whilst some customers prefer first thing in the morning to influence their day in a positive way.

Science has repeatedly proven that Ormus is extremely 'intention sensitive' so its very important when you engage the product that your intentions are clear, positive and recognizing that your intentions will be amplified. Its for this reason we include an amethyst in every bottle so you can be assured that nothing or nobody in your environment can/has imprinted your product with negativity in shipping or between uses.


The priests who worked on the Ark of the Covenant recommended one drop a day under the tongue. Science has proven that one of the likely reasons for all the health miracles and benefits is that in a years time. one drop of  Ormus everyday is supposed to change your Ph levels to almost perfect, which will eliminate any cancers and most health issues immediately, and even promotes longevity and youthfulness.

I have literally swam in a swimming pool filled with OmMANNA Ormus and it felt amazing, invigorating, tingly and an experience that I repeated numerous times. So although you cannot overdose on the product in any way, more is not always better and sticking to a moderate regiment based on your own personal preferences and pocketbook is our advice.

Increase dosage slightly every day until you feel 'pushed' internally/ spiritually/ energetically and then back off a drop .. enjoy the peace, get a good night sleep, feel your light-body and natural senses awaken gently while your body heals and regenerates, scars and wrinkles disappearing.


For the moment we accept etransfers, paypal, cash, canadian tire money, gift cards, barter, trade and payment plans for payments, please contact directly and we will put you in touch with the closest distributor to you.

We ship in the mail, providing you with a tracking code. The shipment usually taking 3 - 5 business days anywhere in North America for about $20CDN added to your purchase price.

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