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Metaphysical and Paranormal Services - Author - Speaker - Instructor - Healer - Mystic
Starnation Bundle Carrier - Eagle Bundle Carrier



My menu

1hr recorded Consultation metaphysical consultation, instruction and/ or divination (tarot, palm, numerology, aura, crystals, psychometry, mediumship, etc),

white star teachings

*Recommended donation $155

1hr+ Energywork

Reiki, reflexology, meridian work, bodytalk, 12 chakra rebalancing and activated, karma removal, tao, etc

*Recommended donation $155

3 hr Combination

Allow yourself a 'mini retreat' to 'check in' and 'reset' your mind, body and soul. A metaphysical consultation combined with a full 12 chakra 'tune-up' will likely become a permanent part of empowering your ongoing awakening and healing journey.

*Recommended donation $250

Half day

private tutorials, coaching, weddings, ceremonies, guest speaking, teachings, workshops, corporate consultations

*Recommended donation $444

Full day

corporate events, retreats, ceremonies, teachings, consulting

*Recommended donation $1000

* Payments can be made via etransfer, cash, paypal, canadian tire money, gift cards, barter and trade, traditional foods and payment plan

Customize our time together

  • Self sustainable communities

  • Wildcrafting, off grid living

  • Land and business development

  • Chanupa carrier, Whistle carrier

  • Elder, Lodge Keeper, Medicine teepee

  • Facilitating 'soul get-away' retreats, cruises, authentic sacred journies

  • Off grid mystery school, alchemy

  • Metaphysical and ESP Sciences

  • Alternative Health practices

  • Paranormal Investigations

  • Land and poltergeist clearing

  • Druidry, runecraft, shamanism

  • Ormus

  • Starnation teachings, prophesies

  • Awakening /enhancement protocols



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 = Social Work for the Afterlife =

'Social Work for the Afterlife' video documentary is now available for direct purchase and download

Ghost hunting, multidimensional communication, the logistics of death dying and the afterlife .. this series will address these teachings and way more .. these are the teachings you've been waiting for.



** Whitestar Teachings **

David was born in Enoch Cree territories and has walked beside the red path for most of his conscious life, befriended as a child, officially claimed and sought for by elders, chiefs, teachers and healers because it became widely known that he was born with a very clear and strong 'gift of vision', of 'communion with the creator'.

He was jointly 'named', 'fasted and endured' with numerous well known elders in the coast Salish families, 'the people of the masks', he has also been honored with a lifetime of personal teachings from elders around the globe. Maya, Hopi, Annishnabe, Cree, Inca, Interior Salish,Lakota, Sioux, Blood and many others. 

Today he walks as Peq'kwassel (Whitestar) as a starnation chanupa bundle carrier, an eagle pipe bundle carrier, a golden eagle bone whistle carrier, lodge keeper, Medicine teepee keeper, prophesy and medicine keeper. 

'We are living in a time of great prophesy, found deep in all cultures and theologies across the globe .. we are the people we have been waiting for, its now time to awaken and remember ourselves .. Whitestar"

Mitakuye Oyasin

*Although there are portions of David's personal spiritual walk and tools that are anchored into some indigenous training and teachings, its important for students to receive any of those teachings directly from an indigenous source .. David is an ally in protecting the soverenity of those ancestral teachings remaining red nation owned and are to be shared as they deem fit.

OmHaven Institute Society

Non Profit Organization

OmHaven Institute Society Non-profit Organization has been around for numerous years exploring the self sustainability potentials of an off grid campus offering experiential teachings in wildcrafting, watercrafting, mycology, metaphysical development, off grid living and commerce creation, martial arts, health and wellness, physiological and holistic health, alchemy. Certified courses, respected instructors.

We are currently developing an off grid campus in Cherryville, BC, Canada.

Want to know more?

Want to get involved?

Looking for advice/ consulting on your own off grid facility?

>> OmMANNA <<

(Orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements)


Located 35ft directly beneath the Starnation ceremony grounds is a 5 acre aquifer lake that perpetually fills with pure, natural ormus, fed by Mt Ida and expertly harvested in a metaphysically sacred way.

Philosophers stone, Solomons Gold, White Gold Podwer, Manna, Itz, Excalibur, etc



Who are my clients? You are ...

TV, film and movie industry: As a pioneer in the field of media meets paranormal investigations the thriving ghost show industry still consults with David for ideas, subject matter, location scouting, producing and authenticity.

Elders, Chiefs and tribal members: David Pilz is aware of the customs and cultural sensitivities that are unique to the indigenous peoples on the planet and has often performed as a cultural bridge. Free from the politics and accessing a natural authentic gift of vision allows Whitestar to meet many of his native clientele on their terms.

Moneymakers, corporations, entrepreneurs: The reason business and mystics have connected so well together over the many civilizations including the current ones .. is because it actually works and they want the statistically proven edge that utilizing a trained Psi provides. Dr David Pilz also has a professional lifetime of experience in nearly every facet of commerce and business.

The metaphysical novice, pro, experts: Everyone has metaphysical awareness, and Dr David Pilz has spent a lifetime learning what actually works to enhance and empower those natural gifts. Whether they are experiencing a full blown awakening or merely need a tune-up, David is the expert that they all look to for their own development, readings and energywork.

The curious, the believer and the skeptic: David Pilz has over 30 years successful professional experience in the Psi,  metaphysical and paranormal industries ... there is very little that surprises him these days and he is confident in the results that his efforts can and have provided for literally thousands of happy clients found worldwide from many diverse social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

By appointment only ...


Dr David Pilz

David (The Oracle) Pilz - Whitestar

 David Pilz was born with an innate metaphysical understanding and an enhanced sensitivty to paranormal phenomena. As a young child he explored the basics with his ancestral teacher Oma, who recognized his inherited gifts and taught him to interact directly with the metaphysical world as effortlessly as walking in the physical. An eager student of science, theology and philosophy David has always fed his veracious appetite for metaphysical knowledge with books, teachers, ceremony, experiential practices and hands on exploration.

He earned the monager of "The Oracle" as a CB-radio handle, and when the opportunity presented itself to step into the industry professionally it made sense to him to adopt the name as a colorful branding but also as a daily reminder to walk  authentically, he was walking in the sacred as one of this generation's oracles, a teacher, wisdom keeper, diviner, elder, coach and mystic - David (The Oracle) Pilz

David started on the Red Path early, when a native school friend brought him home to the rez for a few days, he experienced ceremony and a nation of people who were conspicuously metaphysically aware.

Started his first business at age 9 - retrieving golf balls from a water trap on a local golf course.

David was 'claimed' by a well known Canadian Coast Salish medicine woman who guided him through a whole community of receptive teachers that also recognized and helped groom his natural awareness.


He had an NDE around the age of 11, enhanced his understanding of how the mysterious mechanics of the universe worked. He's studied hermeticism, christianity, satanism, necromancy, occult, shamanism, tao, magick, druidism, trance channelling, tantra, martial arts, crystalmancy, psiognomy, vetic and yoga teachings. Although he studied these various protocols, he quickly learned that the dark arts and witchcraft were not his way, but he knows his way around enough to be of value to those victims suffering and looking for help, freedom and recovery.


Dr David Pilz is officially trained and certified as an alternative health & holistic practitioner, a Certified Master Healer and Instructor, plus he continues to actively study and train in many complimentary healing systems like Reiki, Reflexology & Crystals, sacred ceremonies and more.

His personal kundalini is awake and active.
Certified Practitioner
He is a Certified Master Healer in a variety of physical, metaphysical and esoteric systems.

Internationally Recognized Metaphysical Instructor

Martial arts have always been a part of David's life, having studied numerous systems he is confident in nearly any physical situation.
Masters Certification in Usui Reiki ( 1997)
Tibetan Light Energy (1997)
Regressional Therapy (1998)
Hypnotherapy (1998)
Chakra & Energy Balancing (1999)
Crystal Awareness and Healing (2000)
Taoist Energy Cultivation Techniques (2002)

Cree Firekeeper (2002)
Masters Certification in Karuna Reiki ( 2003)
Intermediate Coordinate Remote Viewer (2003)
Temporeal Healing Master Instructor Certification in Karuna Reiki (2003)
Vibrational Massage (2005)
BodyTalk Access Practitioner (2007)
Energetic Reflexology (2008)
Emotional Release work
Basics of Massage Therapy

Starnation Bundle Carrier (2008)

Named Peq'kwassel (WhiteStar) 2008

Traditional fasting protocols Lummi, Wa, USA (Antone George family) (2009)

Golden Eagle Bone Whistle Carrier (2009)
Starnation Lodge Keeper (2009)
Starnation Medicine Tipi Facilitator (2010)

Ordained minister/ Reverend IMM/ CIMM (2017)

BA.Msc (2017)

David is currently compiling his PhD dissertation in Metaphysical Sciences ..

Starnation Reiki: Maka Wacahpi Wicohan, Iktomi Wacahpi Wicohan, "The universal and spiritual laws of the creator" Chief Golden Light Eagle (2018)

Spirit Named: S’e’liye Te S’po’qes - Eaglevisions (Denise Solomon, 2020)

Online 'Whitestar Teachings' Boot camp and supporting workshops. (2020)

Contributing author to 'The Brave and the Bold' Book Series:

Speaking Truth to Power (2021),

Ascending Human Consciousness (2022)

Married his twin flame (08/08/2022 Lions gate)

Living on the west coast of Canada, David Pilz appreciates a happy and metaphysically engaged lifestyle while communing with nature in its many forms ... a world traveler, he aspires to take his teachings and services to even larger audiences across the globe.

David has offered his services to a growing list of clients for over 25 years professionally ... but his true passion is teaching others how to access their own gifts. "everyone is psychic, its a muscle that can be developed like any other muscle. An accurate analogy might be that anyone can learn to play the piano but every now and then I meet a Beethoven .. whats your fullest potential? 


David Pilz has been a metaphysical researcher for most of his life, and has already spent years instructing others how to become safely aware of their own latent psi abilities. He is the consultant and trainer that other professionals go to for their growth.

The MDCP (Metaphysical Development Certificate Program)


is a certificate course created by David Pilz to enhance the skill level, base knowledge and practical experience of anyone exploring the confusing fields of metaphysics, parapsychology
and alternative health for themselves or for their professional practice. Many of these teachings are experiential, meaning that you will actually move energy, understand metaphysical principles and learn a tactile sensory awareness through hands on experience.


*This curriculum was at one point approved by PCTIA as a method for someone to receive certified training that would inevitably improve their employment and trade skills opportunities.

Metaphysical Development Certificate Program


Metaphysical BOOT CAMP

- 8 2hr classes plus homework and a weekly Sunday gathering.

Each class is recorded for the student to review afterwards.

Each class is created to feed into the next .. we cover:

-psychic self defence

- all 12 chakras/ aura/ meridians and how to activate/ support and stretch them all.

- Reiki 1 and 2 (certification requirements)

- remote viewing

- numerology, tarot and popular divination tools

- multidimensional awareness

- a collection of mental push-ups to develop, enhance and sensitize your natural Psi senses

- science, tools and prophesy

This is the base .. the teachings come from a 4 year curriculum, put into a boot camp version so folks can get what they need to know at this time of evolutionary growth .. and every camp will have some unique gems according to the members who attend and what they need specifically (I adapt as required).


Metaphysical Development Level 1
• Metaphysical Development 101
• Smudging & Purification* 102
• Foot to Face 103

Metaphysical Development Level 2
• Divination Tools 201
• Crystal Awareness & eSCENTial Oils* 202
• Reiki I & II 203

Metaphysical Development Level 3
• Numerology / Goal Setting* 301
• Past Life Recall* 302
• Dowsing* 303
• Reiki III & IV * 304

Metaphysical Development Level 4
• Shamanic Sweat Lodge
Ceremony 401
• Tarot Card Reading 402
• Animal Totem 403
• Four Elements 404
• Astral Travel* 405
• Tibetan Reiki* 406

Metaphysical Development Level 5
• Oracle Remote Viewing* 501
• Séance* 502
• Usui Reiki Master* 503
Advanced Energy Training
*Prerequisite course is required
© 2009

Listed above are the core courses designed and engineered to take ANYONE through the process of increasing their Psi abilities, skill level and sensitivities to a professional standard. We do recommend taking them in order, but aside from the prerequisite courses the order is not necessary. In between these core courses students might find themselves attending numerous workshops* not listed above but pertain to their specific skills, needs and training requirements. Personal training and tutorials are utilized to help each student develop and explore their own unique parameters and strengths.


- Dancing with Darwin

- WhiteStar Teachings

- Wildcrafting/ watercrafting

- Martial Arts, Yoga

- Tantra/ Kundalini

- Ormus/ Alchemy

- customized group gatherings ..


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tel: 250 503-7889

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