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Born in the 60's into a homesteading European family environment in Enoch Cree territories, David Pilz grew quickly aware that his paranormal ESP sensitivities were not something that most other people were actively and consciously aware they even had. Although his psychic experiences were dramatic, with practice and discipline David was able to discern and control his own awareness enough to function in a world yet unwilling to explore metaphysical sciences as a reality. In his somewhere around 50 years on the planet, he's been a contractor, a cook, a musician, a producer, an artist, a land developer, a rancher, a bone fide farmer, a placer miner, a teacher, a healer, a mystic, a business owner, an author, a ghostbuster, an alchemist and many many more hats and when asked what's his favorite hat?          ... "my dad hat of course"

As an instructor ...

 Dr David Pilz has had hundreds of successful students find their way into and through his experiential teachings to discover their very own 'superpowers' and walk their energy-walk authentically. - Metaphysical science instruction and development

- Certified Reiki and alternative healing teachings

- Authentic shamanic style Whitestar teachings,

- Personal private coaching services, retreats, workshops

- Apprentice opportunities

As a visionary ...

Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, Dr David Pilz has been an entrepreneur his whole life including some childhood savant moments. He has always dreamed big, looking and capitalizing on the future 'big picture' well before anyone else could sense it.

He was pitching paranormal and reality TV shows to the industry before they were a thing .. he has been exploring self sustainable practices and off grid tiny-home lifestyles since before they were a thing ... he was publishing books on the occult and metaphysics way before it was cool ... he's known poverty and wealth, strength and weakness, pride and humility, the mundane and the weird.


Do you wanna see what's around the next corner?

As a lightworker ...

His formal and informal education has much diversity, allowing him the opportunity of perceiving and directing the multi-world through many lenses simultaneously .. a Reiki Master instructor of many decades, David has also explored the eastern teachings of tao, tantra and yoga .. author of 'metaphysical manual' series, an alchemist, a wizard .. a chanupa bundle carrier, a whistle carrier and lodge keeper, Whitestar has walked the red path .. an ordained minister, a PhD, ...

Metaphysical services for hire - By appointment only

As a media producer ...

Self published 'the metaphysical manual' book series, professionally produced and engineered meditation CD's, produced pilots and ongoing documentaries for TV, radio, net and media broadcasts, online metaphysical teachings.

Dr David Pilz prefers that he is known as an educator foremost, but decades in 'the industry' have proven fruitful in providing a greater audience with metaphysical authenticity AND meeting practical production values .. his preferred topics have involved live paranormal investigations, cryptozoology, ufology.


Executive Director, Author, Producer and Documentarian, location scouting, on screen talent, musician, artist.

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